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There are more and more collaborations between European journalists, but there is no media outlet that serves all of Europe. Is society ready for pan-European journalism? And what would it look like?

by Nina Rijnierse

This article originally appeared in Dutch in De Groene Amsterdammer in April 2021. This is a translation. Are We Europe was not involved in the writing of this article in any way.

John Donica of Are We Europe films during an anti-corruption protest in Chișinău, Moldova, August 26, 2018. ©Christian Helgi Beaussier.

It’s a drizzly Friday afternoon and in a small room in Brussels, fifteen young journalists…

February has gone by in a flash, like a tornado filled with high-running emotions and constant changes. This was the month of our very first membership campaign, or should I say: the very first month of our never-ending membership campaign?

Our goals last month were simple:

  1. To establish ourselves as…

2020 was a catalytic year for the fight against systemic racism. But Europe still struggles to “unsilence” its past.

Photography by Hannah Reyes Morales featured in Are We Europe’s latest issue, “Unsilencing: The Colonialism Issue”.

As an independent magazine on European culture and identity, we’ve covered lots of themes over the past five years: elections, technology, religion, climate change and, most recently, the pandemic.

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