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by Hanna Torseke, the visual editor of The Queer Issue

Memory n° 1

In the summer of 2014, I found myself walking down the streets of Zanzibar extremely dehydrated. With the blistering heat hitting close to 40 degrees celsius, and the cultural taboo of showing female bodies freely in the town capital, I decided to exchange my plans to wear a bathing suit accessorized with a bucket full of ice, for a set of ‘male’ board shorts paired with a polo shirt, courtesy of my boyfriend at the time (to cover up my far too ‘sexually enticing’ knees).

Within the…

by Anneleen Ophoff, the editor-in-chief of The Queer Issue

Kigali, Rwanda. 2014.

I’m sipping a beer at the bar of the infamous Hotel des Mille Collines, better known as Hotel Rwanda from the eponymous film on the Rwandan Genocide. Although my budget is much too small for a room at the hotel, it stretches just enough for a few beers.

It’s here, of all places, that I first really want to kiss a girl — not in a drunken “this is fun” kind of way nor prompted by slightly weird boyfriends. J. is completely out and proud. I’m not. She’s…

by Eddie Stok, Creative Director of Are We Europe

It would be very easy for me to talk about my insecure years as a baby gay. But to be brutally honest with myself, that story isn’t all that interesting. If that’s the type of story you’re after, I would rather direct you to the myriad coming-out vlogs on YouTube. However, if I still have your attention, I would like to take this chance to talk about my much longer (and much more pervasive) struggle with being male.

Now you might say: “Eddie, you are a cis man!”

And to that…

There are more and more collaborations between European journalists, but there is no media outlet that serves all of Europe. Is society ready for pan-European journalism? And what would it look like?

by Nina Rijnierse

This article originally appeared in Dutch in De Groene Amsterdammer in April 2021. This is a translation. Are We Europe was not involved in the writing of this article in any way.

John Donica of Are We Europe films during an anti-corruption protest in Chișinău, Moldova, August 26, 2018. ©Christian Helgi Beaussier.

It’s a drizzly Friday afternoon and in a small room in Brussels, fifteen young journalists are trying as hard as they can not to think about the city they are currently in. One by one they read out what they have just written at lightning speed on post-its. ‘A random video generator, with messages from all over Europe.’ ‘A song contest playlist, but then different.’…

February has gone by in a flash, like a tornado filled with high-running emotions and constant changes. This was the month of our very first membership campaign, or should I say: the very first month of our never-ending membership campaign?

Our goals last month were simple:

  1. To establish ourselves as a membership-driven organisation and,
  2. To get the word out about our membership program, hoping to turn our members and supporters into monthly paying members who actively contribute to our editorial line.

Okay, seeing how many characters our “simple goals” take up here, maybe it wasn’t as simple as I thought…

Are We Europe is proud to be moving to a membership model. As of right now, our readers can sign up to become members — all part of our plan to really listen to you.

Becoming member-driven is super exciting, but it also means a few practical changes.

As of right now:

  • A selection of Are We Europe stories will always be freely accessible from the homepage.
  • All the stories we share on socials will be freely available to all.
  • Email subscribers (sign up now!) will continue to receive a weekly newsletter of brilliant stories for free.
  • Existing and new…

As a young media outlet, Are We Europe is constantly looking for the right recipe for survival. A business model that enables us to pay the bills and produce innovative storytelling without having to compromise our vision.

Back in 2016, four university friends who were disillusioned with the rise of polarisation and the fast-paced news cycle decided to start their own media outlet by and for young Europeans. Four years later, with 20.000 monthly readers and 500+ journalists, Are We Europe is still the most pan-European magazine on the market. …

2020 was a catalytic year for the fight against systemic racism. But Europe still struggles to “unsilence” its past.

Photography by Hannah Reyes Morales featured in Are We Europe’s latest issue, “Unsilencing: The Colonialism Issue”.

As an independent magazine on European culture and identity, we’ve covered lots of themes over the past five years: elections, technology, religion, climate change and, most recently, the pandemic. But 2020 wasn’t only about Covid-19 — it also turned out to be a catalytic year for the fight against systemic racism.

Across the United States and Europe, activists inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement toppled statues of colonial-era slave traders and explorers. 2020 showed how important it is to talk…

The power of storytelling through sound

An intimate voice speaks to you, while in the background middle eastern folk music blends with the sound of aircraft, shouting soldiers, and shells whistling by overhead. This is the soundscape of “Our Man in the Middle East”, one of my all-time favorite podcasts. It’s produced by Jeremy Bowen, the BBC’s Middle East correspondent, who reflects on the past and present ordeals in the Middle East after spending a quarter of a century reporting from the region. Listening to it on my commute home from work, I often found myself transported to the deserts of Wadi Rum, the slopes of…

How diving into the unknown might lead you exactly to where you need to be.

Photo by Ramin Mazur

The last time I saw her, she was facing the Moldovan armed police, holding an upcycled 20L water bottle turned drum-set. Aliona is now standing right in front of me, calmly holding a beer. “You’re back,” she says with a smile.

It’s October 2019 and we’re in C51, a renovated 150-year-old bar in the center of Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. The place is a meeting point for a group of young Moldovans who regularly organize protests against the government’s mass corruption. Exactly a year before, this bar was the venue where our small team of journalists launched a multimedia…

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