Going down the membership road

As a young media outlet, Are We Europe is constantly looking for the right recipe for survival. A business model that enables us to pay the bills and produce innovative storytelling without having to compromise our vision.

Back in 2016, four university friends who were disillusioned with the rise of polarisation and the fast-paced news cycle decided to start their own media outlet by and for young Europeans. Four years later, with 20.000 monthly readers and 500+ journalists, Are We Europe is still the most pan-European magazine on the market. It’s living proof that Europe can be more than Brexit, Brussels, and borders.

Now, in 2021, we’re ready to really build the media that we feel this continent deserves. Constantly in flux, increasingly polarised, but also increasingly connected, this continent is not the same as it was 10 years ago. It’s a changing continent, where ideas, cultures, and identities constantly cross borders. These stories should be told in many different formats, tailored to how Europeans want to read, or listen, or watch. That’s what Are We Europe is: the new media for a changing continent.

We believe Europe needs journalism that collaborates across nations, generations and identities. That highlights solutions to shared challenges. That focuses on its people. And those stories shouldn’t only be told by a team, working from an office (remote for now) somewhere in Brussels or Paris or anywhere really. No, our mission is to produce borderless journalism, from local journalists, on the ground, all over the continent. We help journalists develop their skills, work on multidisciplinary projects within cross-border teams, and produce cutting-edge journalism. Podcasts, print magazines, and multimedia stories: with the support of our members, we’re (dis)covering Europe through a new lens.

In the coming weeks, we will explain to you why and how we want to do all that. These aren’t just bold statements: we really want to build the next media space for a changing continent. For that, we need your support. Here’s what we promise:

  1. We promise to always be accessible, open, and transparent. As a member, you will have access to our newsroom (digitally, and when the time comes, in hubs across Europe and in our office), but also access to all our stories of the last years, all our financial insights as well as insights into who we work with and how we work with them.
  2. Our stories are surprising and solutions-driven. If you become a member, you will not get the same stories you can read in your national paper or on favourite YouTube channel. Our stories will focus on the underreported issues, people, and places on this continent, from Moldova to the Faroe Islands, to small villages in France and Poland, highlighting solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow. We have an optimistic view of the future, but we will not skirt over the challenges.
  3. As mentioned earlier, we want to give a voice to the people that are underrepresented in Europe’s national media, but we also want to work with emerging talent. We invest in guidance, training, and other resources (including grants) to lower the threshold for the next generation of journalists to join the fray as well.

What you get as a member.

As a member, you will receive our stories in thematic blocks. In 3 month cycles, we will present our members with a print (and online) magazine, a multimedia story, and a surprise.

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